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Grace is Greater - All in church-wide series

This fall, join our entire church as we connect deeper with God and each other, discovering how God's Grace is Greater than anything we've done, been through or ever will go through in this life.

Join a group, for 6 weeks, on campus or in a home near you beginning September 30th! Visit our Grace is Greater table Sunday mornings or click on the Find A Group link below.

Imagine a place where lasting friendships form and you’re encouraged every week.

Our Community Groups are clusters of people just like you, who gather in homes throughout the week to connect, laugh, and learn about God’s Word and will for our lives. 

Bible knowledge is not required.

Spiritual growth happens when we take a step into community.

Find a group that’s right for you!


What is a Community Group?
It’s a small group of people who gather weekly or bi-weekly to open up the Bible and learn from God’s Word. They gather in homes and on our campus throughout the week on a variety of days and times. You’ll make friends and be encouraged in your faith!

How do I become part of a Community Group?
Click or Call! You can click the above button (“Find a Group”). To join or get more information about a particular group, click the “request info” link on the top right of a group box. An email will be generated to the group facilitator who will contact you. If you prefer, you can call the church office @ 209-466-4368.

Why are Community Groups important at First Baptist?
We were made for community! We believe that we grow deeper and better in community with others who help encourage us and sharpen our faith. Many of our core values as a church are reflected in community groups. And it’s in life-changing community that we develop strong and lasting friendships, support in times of trials and questions, and learn how to apply God’s Word to our lives.

What is an average group like and what can I expect?
Typically it starts with a brief social time. The centerpiece of the gathering revolves around discussing the Bible and how it applies to our lives. Discussion is open, participation is optional; there is no pressure. A time of prayer usually concludes along with some snacks or dessert.

Do I need to know the Bible?
Not at all. You can be at ANY place in your spiritual journey; whether you’ve ever picked up a Bible or not. You can participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable.

What if I have children?
Some home groups do have options for kids. We also have groups meeting on Sundays and Wednesdays on our campus with children’s programs available. Please call or email us at community@fbcstockton.org, we want to help you get connected.

Do all the groups study the same thing?
We offer recommended studies, but groups can each choose their own. The exception would be each fall when our whole church joins together to have an amazing Bible Study experience we call our ALL-IN Church Wide Series