special stuff

baby baskets:

Here at First B Kids we celebrate LIFE! Whether you give birth, foster a child or adopt you will hear from us. We want to share in these joyous life-changing moments with you. Let us know about your newest addition and we will deliver an age appropriate basket full of love from your church home!!

one-of-a-kind art canvas:

In our infant nursery we couldn't ask for more loving ladies for our babies. To show their love and excitement for you and your new baby they have created a hand-painted canvas especially for you with the foot and hand print of your little one that spells out the word 'LOVE'. Come to the nursery and meet these ladies as they put the finishing touches to your canvas.

parent-child dedications:

What better way to promise your child that you will raise them to know and love the Lord then to do it in front of your church family! First Baptist offers dedications two Sundays during the year – Mother’s Day and in October. You will receive a special frame with your child's picture as a reminder of the commitment you made that day. There is also a special letter from Pastor Mark that your child will open and read on their 10th birthday reminding them of this special day and of their need to make a personal decision to follow Jesus.