Sunday Mornings

9:30am in the Portable


Sundays start with table time and goes right into a lesson. Our lessons are all about things foundational to Christianity. We worship and look deeper into the Bible to find out what God has to say to us. And can’t wait to do it again the next week.

Wednesday Nights

6:15 pm in the Portable

Wednesday nights are more about fellowship and friends. Doors open for kids to hang out at 5:30. Our official night program gets underway at 6:15. We play a few games and then get into a short time of talking. Lessons are between 10-15 minutes most nights and are geared towards social issues and what is going on in students lives. This is a great night to bring your friends!

What Goes On

While your child is in SoulFire, we strive to teach them the fundamentals of their faith. We want all students to leave the program with a firm grasp of who Jesus is, what faith is/means to their lives and practical ways to implement what they have learned. We exist to Help Students take their next steps in knowing Jesus and making Him known.

What We Do

We love to hang out with the kids outside of just Wednesdays and Sundays.

There is always something being planned or coming up that you and

your Student can get involved with. 

Some of our past events include:

  • Paintball
  • 30 Hr. Famine
  • Camping
  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
  • Serving w/ Breakfast Club
  • Overnighters at the Church
  • Painting at Victory Park
  • and Various other Service Projects

student ministries

Middle School, High School and College together make up Student Ministries. Together we work to help students and parents feel at ease during each transition, as well as, come alongside students helping them know Christ more and how to live out their faith from Jr. High all the way through their college years.

Contact Us

Vince Pinasco

Junior High Ministry Coordinator

(209) 466-4368 Ext. 160

Want to get updates? text "Join Soulfire" to 40650

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