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Rock Solid Kids (RSK) first, recognizes that preteens are a unique age group with unique needs. They are caught in a transition between elementary and junior high and high school. They are experiencing one of their biggest transitions in their life socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. They are ready to be challenged and stretched, while challenging their own held beliefs and the beliefs of their parents. They can be self-absorbed and selfish. They are beginning to ask "why?" in a deeper and more meaningful way. They are growing out of the approach we take with younger ages and desiring something more. 

Sooo....our aim is to help preteens grow in their faith, encourage them to create healthy social relationships with peers and authority figures, and to learn to serve the Lord with joy and compassion. Some of our overall goals are to teach kids to know their faith, defend their faith, and share their faith.

We accomplish our goals through the following ways:

Sunday Mornings at 9:30

This is a Sunday school service specifically designed for 5th and 6th graders. We play games and do activities appropriate for that age group. Our lessons are more challenging and question-asking to foster conversation. I start out each class with a question of the week where kids look through a book of 100 questions about their faith and pick one that interests them for us to discuss. I do weekly challenges that kids can do at home to apply the lesson in their lives. And much more!

Wednesday Night Awana

We encourage preteens to be involved with our awesome Awana Program and use it to connect with more kids in that age group as well as dynamically grow in their faith with our brand new curriculum!

Upward Christian Athletes

We will be discipling kids who are involved with Rock Solid Kids and also play in Rock Solid Sports to be effective Christian ambassadors. There are so many kids from the community that join our leagues that the opportunities are endless to put Christ on display!

Regular Fun Events!

These events are designed to help kids have fun as they get older, provide opportunities to participate in unique and interesting activities that they may never get to do otherwise, grow socially and have opportunities to gain new friendships and develop old ones, create healthy relationships with chaperoning adults. We also encourage them to bring friends who will be invited to church through the event. I usually take an opportunity to do a devotional at each of these events as well.

Quarterly (Serve) Events

These events are designed to encourage preteens to participate in services projects that teach them the what, why, and how, of service. This helps them understand their growing view of the world around them, to have a joyful servant’s heart, and to see and love those around them like Jesus would!

Click here to register for our next event- Rake and Run!   

Leadership Development Team This is an ongoing process to help preteens develop as leaders. They will be given opportunities to organize, plan, and execute various aspects of ministry. This includes greeting, tech team, set up and break down, and more.


As we go throughout the year I know the value of keeping all the parents informed and actively engaged with their preteens. So I do a couple of things to include parents in the process. First, I will send out regular emails with updates of what we talked about during the week, ways to encourage your child to apply faith lessons, future opportunities and events, resources that will help you as a parent reach your preteen, and more. Second, I will have opportunities for parents to be small group leaders, lead or chaperone events, and share and teach in classes.

Now Let's Get Excited!

An email will soon be coming of the first event for this season so stay tuned!