who we are

  • Joe victorino

    troop master

    Position Description: The Troopmaster oversees and coordinates all of the program volunteers (who, in turn, work directly with the Trailmen). He is a member of the Troop Committee, where he represents all of these “direct contact” leaders.

    Bio: My name is Joe Victorino, and I have lived in Stockton my whole life. I have been here at First Baptist since I was in jr. high, and have been working on staff for 13 years. My wife Shalom and were married in 2010 and have three wonderful children. I love everything about the outdoors, and truly feel God's presence in his creation. I believe that Trail Life USA will raise up a generation of men to know Jesus personally, and lead by His example for true biblical manhood. I am honored to be a part of this program and will enjoy seeing these young Trailmen grow in Christ through Companionship, service to our community, and the outdoor adventures.

  • Shalom victorino

    troop SECRETARY

    Position Description: Appointed by the Committee Chair to keep minutes and records, send notices to members, etc.

    Bio: My name is Shalom Victorino, Secretary for Trail Life USA. I help with planning the schedule of events, record keeping and communicating with parents. I stay very busy, and enjoy working with my husband, Troopmaster Joe. Joe and I have been married six years, have two boys and a girl, and we work quite well together. We also lead a married couples community group on Wednesday nights, and put on the Valentine Banquet every year. I have been attending First Baptist Church for 13 years. I love being a part of ministry, and seeing people grow in their walk with the Lord. I've been a part of many different ministries, and right now, this is where God has focused me. By my husband's side, surrounded by amazing young men, learning how to mature in their faith, explore the outdoors and become responsible, godly leaders. It is a blessing to be a part of this life-changing program!



    Position Description: The Troopmaster oversees and coordinates all of the program volunteers (who, in turn, work directly with the Trailmen). He is a member of the Troop Committee, where he represents all of these “direct contact” leaders.

    Bio: My name is Grant Head I am 36 years old; I have lived in the Stockton area for my entire life. My wife Sarah and I have been married for eight years and currently reside in Linden. We have three children a 6-year-old son, Kevin, a 4-year-old daughter, Addison, and our youngest son; Nathaniel was just born on the Fourth of July, 2016. I have attended First Baptist Church, Stockton since 2005, and became a member in 2012. I enjoy hunting, fishing, and camping with my family. I have worked at my family business since the age of 12. I also worked for almost eight years as a Firefighter-paramedic for the city of Stockton. I assumed my current position as production manager for Gear Enterprises after leaving the fire department in 2011. I am excited to see where God will lead me to through Trail Life. I enjoy spending time with kids, teaching them how to love the outdoors that God has provided for us to enjoy.



    Position Description: The Troopmaster oversees and coordinates all of the program volunteers (who, in turn, work directly with the Trailmen). He is a member of the Troop Committee, where he represents all of these “direct contact” leaders.

    Bio: My name is Greg McLaskey, I have been a member of Stockton First Baptist for 5 years and was excited to be a part of the team that just recently launched Trail Life at our church. I've been a Christian for 42 years and I am certain that in order to grow as a man, one must pursue a deep and abiding relationship with God. My intention is to encourage the young men involved in Trail Life to also pursue God in their individual and group time. I had been a Boy Scout as a kid and an Assistant Scout Master a few years ago. I have taught Children's ministry, taught community groups, conducted men's ministries, do divorce recovery, counsel married couples, do community evangelism and prayer, fight against human trafficking, work for right to life ministries, and run a ministry called "Save our Stockton". I am trying to start a "Stockton House Of Prayer" by partnering with pastors of other churches, and I believe that God will provide a place in the community soon! I have 2 grown daughters and 5 grandchildren. Although I never had a son of my own, I always felt that, as a Christian man, I had the responsibility to pour into the lives of other young men, even if they were not my own children. That is what I have the privilege to do in the lives of these boys in Trail Life. My mission in these boys' lives is to encourage them to be faithful to God in everything they do, for them to become faithful stewards of God's grace to impact the community they live in and, later on, to become good citizens, husbands, fathers, and Godly leaders of others.



    Position Description: Record keeper, maintaining accounts for all financial transactions. Regularly reports the financial status of the Troop. Coordinates and communicates to parents the process of Troop Budgeting. Understands and communicates approved TRAIL LIFE USA fundraising guidelines. He handles unit funds, pays bills, coordinates and supervises fundraising. These duties can be delegated to other volunteers, but will still fall under the Treasurer’s supervision.

    Bio:  After spending over 20 years in the IT industry, I realized that God and family needed to be put first. So I now work as the Network Administrator here at First Baptist and my family and I are stronger and happier than ever. My wife and I have been attending First Baptist since 2004 and became members of the church in 2013. My wife Julie and I have 3 kids, Reagan 13, Kylie 11, and Zacharias, 6.

    Growing up in Stockton I was always involved with and enjoyed the scouting experience. Spending most of my youth in scouting and then taking on the role of Assistant Scoutmaster after high school taught me that young men need mentors in their lives and the real need of Godly men in the life of young men. This need for Godly mentors and the need to promote a God centered worldview in the life of our young men is why, over the other scouting options out there, I have chosen to be involved in the ministry of Trail Life. “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6


    troop CHAPLAIN

    Position Description: Assures that the Troop emphasizes and stays true to its Christian mission (organizing prayer for meetings, services at campouts, etc). He is qualified to give spiritual advice, and encourages regular religious participation of each member.

    Bio: My name is Ray Martin and I have been blessed to be a part of First Baptist Church for 14 years. My wife Marlene and I started to attend when we were dating in collage. We have been married for 12 years and have two children. Savannah is our five year old daughter and Raymond is our nine year old son who is a mountain lion in Trail Life. Trail Life is a great blessing to my son who loves the outdoors. He has learned valuable life skills and many pertaining to creation care. It is a great way to live alongside other believers in Jesus as they learn what it is to be a man who follows after Christ.



    Position Description: The Trailmaster is the direct contact leader for the Navigators program, his major focus is to cover the requirements of the nine Trail Badges central to Navigators advancement.

    Bio: Evan, Kim, Olivia, and Ethan Stone have all been attending First Baptist Church since 2012. Kim and Evan have been married since 2000, and Olivia and Ethan (twins!) are the last of their four children. They also have a son Evan (E. J. around our house), and a daughter, Kayla, who is married to Josiah, who have their own son, Atticus. 

    Evan has always been attracted to the outdoors, enjoying camping, hiking, golfing, baseball, swimming, and just generally being outside. When the opportunity came up to get involved with Ethan in Trail Life, he jumped at the chance! He enjoys working with young men helping them to become the leaders that God intends them to be.



    Position Description: The Advisor is the direct contact leader of the Adventurers program, his major focus is to ensure that youth leaders do their job properly, monitor work on the five required activities badges and other advancement activities, and provide responsible but transparent oversight during the planning of activities.