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Our Mission Statement

To give the women of First Baptist Church, Stockton, opportunities to experience joy and growth in their Christian lives by participating in Christ-centered activities; Bible Studies, Special Events, Service, and Missions while encouraging friendships of sisterhood across the generations. Women of all ages are welcome!

know - building bible knowledge

Attend one of these two weekly sessions for all women:


9:30 - 11:00 AM

Room A101

Childcare Provided


6:15 – 8:00 PM

Room A101

AWANA program available


Weekly Bible Studies: The small group format leads to connections between women of all ages and a growing sense of community at First Baptist Church.

Widows Support Group and Bible Study: This group meets weekly at 6:30 on Tuesday evenings. For more information, contact: Brijida Call at women@fbcstockton.org

Women’s Book Club: We meet every other Saturday in group members’ homes. We discuss and apply lessons from the best in Christian writing, fiction and non-fiction. For more information, contact: women@fbcstockton.org

serve - being the heart & hands of Christ to others

Circles -  Ministry to Missions – Local & International: Attend one of the daytime or evening small groups, and join hands with women who provide for many in the mission field around us and overseas. Contact: Carol Caminata at women@fbcstockton.org

Mommy Meals: Our newest moms need lots of TLC. You can help by providing meals to families with newborns. Contact: Carie Stahl or Penny Bryan at women@fbcstockton.org

share - bringing the word of salvation & love to others

  • Sign up for the Baby Bottle Drive (collecting coins) to support the Pregnancy Help Center. Contact women@fbcstockton.org